Natural Veil Crystal Body Deodorant,Antibacterial Crystal,1pc

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Natural Veil Crystal Stick is a 100% natural product. It was made of alunite, which is of mountain-volcanic origin. The unique properties of alunite have been known since ancient times. It is a powerful antioxidant with an antibacterial effect. This crystal has a natural aroma and no added chemicals; it removes unpleasant odor without causing allergic reaction.

Application: Universal deodorant both for men and women. Natural Veil does not contain particles that clog the pores of the sweat glands, that is why it does not violate the natural functions of the skin. It destroys the bacteria that cause unpleasant odor and provides reliable protection, while at the same time leaves no traces on clothes. The Crystal has a wider application. It is effective against bites of mosquitoes and flies, minor cuts and scratches. It is also used against infections in the oral cavity (place it under running water over a glass and use the water for gargling) and smelly feet (wet it and apply on the feet). It has an antiseptic and bacteriostatic effect. Economical to use.


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